Two Financial Services Industry Thought Leaders (One a record-breaking salesman & sales trainer, life insurance producer, & direct response marketing copywriter the other an author, LinkedIn expert & former financial advisor) Joined Forces To Bring Their Disruptive and Paradigm Shifting Vision 
Of A Better Way To Market Financial Services To Reality

  • What is The 7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough©?
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 a lead program…yet you get great preset appointments
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 a coaching program…yet it accelerates your business like only an elite coach could
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 a product…yet you get unique and proprietary solutions
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 a sales system…yet you get authority positioning that attracts high net worth sales opportunities and a sales process...  to close them
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 a webinar marketing system…yet you get an evergreen prospecting webinar
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 a marketing agency…yet a marketing agency makes it all work effortlessly
  • ❌ It’s 𝐍𝐎𝐓 an FMO…yet an FMO powers it’s most vital success element
"7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough - World Class Business Accelerator© 
The ONLY integration marketing program from...lead generation to close that combines the power of applied behavioral psychology and neuroscience based direct response marketing.  7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough© is designed for you…the Elite life insurance agent and financial advisor looking to scale the size of your transactions, add predictability to your marketing and realize the full potential of your business. It’s a Breakthrough to a better life.   It's so effective it's better than 100% GUARANTEED! "

Jeffrey Thompson & Daniel Hanzelka
Creators of The 7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough©
(A joint project of Quantum Marketing System LLC and Reset Global).

Limited Opportunity - Only 50 Exclusive Territories Available

Build A Practice And Lifestyle You Love  

At $1M+ Per Year, Your Biggest Challenge Is Free Time...

  • ​Don't You Wish You Could Be Working With More Prospects Like Your Ideal Clients? And That It Could Be Repeatable and Consistent? 
  • ​Transform Your Practice With A Steady Stream Of New High Value Opportunities Looking For Solutions Only You Can Provide...
  • ​Scale Both The Quantity & Transaction Size Of Prospects In Your Pipeline...
  • ​Deploy 5 Force Multipliers & Leverage Your Ability To Achieve Top Of The Table In Record Time...
  • Discover What You Can Accomplish In The Next 12 Months With The Right Message, Prospects, Sales Process and Solutions!​
  • ​A Business Accelerator That Transforms Your Practice And Lifestyle

 Our Members In Their Own Words

…I am pretty excited...this is really working out... just two clients are likely going to generate somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 to $500,000 in commissions...that's like life changing for me...what I am finding with your marketing is that the people are more like multi-multi-millions of dollars...a remarkable system!

Jordan K. 
…it’s been the best performing initiative I’ve had in my career so far…the closest to a referral you can get from cold marketing…this new additional approach is definitely giving me a foundation to double my business…for me it’s a total no brainier…your going to have more than enough prospects to talk to…for the investment it’s by far the best performing program I’ve ever tried….I consider this the highest level program compared to programs that may cost 3 to 4 times more…this is the perfect program…we’ve got situations where one case may be more than $300K (commission).

Andrej K. MDRT Top Of The Table
…in the next ten days we’re going to take apps for some really massive amounts of premium…and likely…and were in April…the odds are very, very high I will have one of my best years ever.

Brandon B.

What You Get

As an approved member in 7 Figure Advisor Breakthrough© you have limited license to use the Institute Of Untaxable Wealth Strategists© affiliation, Untaxable Wealth Strategist© positioning, force multipliers, branding, content, messaging and the proprietary Untaxable Wealth Strategies© that attract new affluent prospects who would like to Become Untaxable© , Build Untaxable Wealth© and enjoy the freedom of an Untaxable Lifestyle©.
This exclusive 12 month annually renewable membership (Participation is limited to a Maximum of 50 territories, application and interview required) includes a done for you automated system that trains you in and organically positions you as the authority in Untaxable Wealth Strategies©. 

Consistently generate new opt in qualified high ticket life insurance opportunities in the business owner market per month, with an average of 7+ Preset Appointments on your calendar.

Membership Includes:

Force Multiplier #1 Create A Virtual Monopoly

Authority Building and Digital Reputation Enhancement:
Open Up A Blue Ocean Of Opportunities With Proprietary Market Positioning That Establishes You as The Authority In Helping Clients Build Untaxable Wealth©

•Authority Building Profile Optimization And Positioning (Priceless)

•12 Month Membership in the Institute Of Untaxable Wealth©  With Limited License to Untaxable Wealth Strategist© membership, proprietary advanced strategies, and case development -  (a $1997 value)

Force Multiplier #2 Outsource Prospecting & Focus On A High Value Market

Multi-Channel Prospecting:
•12 Month High Net Worth Business Owner Prospect Surge Webinar Campaign(a $59,988 value)

•12 Month High Net Worth Business Owner Prospect Surge Audience/List Building Campaign Using LinkedIn and Big Data (a $19,988 value)

•Center Of Influence and Joint Venture Partner Campaign (a $4997 value) Available after 4th month of membership seasonally May through September only(coming in 2023).

Force Multiplier #3 Accelerate The Speed Of Trust

Content Marketing:
•Tested Lead Magnets With Done For You Funnel (a $2997 value)
   7 Looming Threats To Your Wealth In 2022©
   3 Looming Threats To Your Wealth in 2022©
   The Power Of Building Untaxable Wealth© 

•Video Sales Letter Library For Automated Prospect Nurturing and Engagement (a $1997 value)

•Evergreen Done With You Webinar The Power of Building Untaxable Wealth© 7 Looming Threats To Your Wealth And Why Becoming Untaxable Is Essential For Engaging and Motivating Prospects To Schedule Appointments (a $3997 value)

•Evergreen Done For You Webinar The Ultimate Capital Gains Tax Shelter For Business Owners-Motivating High Net Worth Prospects To Schedule Appointments(a $3997 value)

Force Multiplier #4 Clear Your Calendar Of Low Value Prospects & Activities

Time Saving Leverage
•Big Data Driven Affluent Prospect Targeted List Building - Continuously Growing Your Universe Of Ideal Prospects With Included SalesFloe© CRM System (a $997/mo value)

•Professional Appointment Setter - Puts Qualified Appointments On Your Calendar (a $497/mo value)

•Automated Drip Messaging Sequence - To Drive New Appointments And Webinar Attendee's

Integrated Tandem Selling© Sales Process and CRM - Know Your Numbers And Continuously Improve
•Weekly Campaign Optimization And Practice Management Coaching Calls

At A Glance SalesFloe© Dashboard Shows You- Where, When and How Much Income You Can Expect Each Month

•Discover Your Average Cost Per Lead, Average Cost Per New Client, Average Compensation Per New Client, Your Closing Rate, The Length Of Your Sales Cycle, ROI On Your Marketing Expenditures, Know How And Where To Fix Your Sales Process For Maximum Performance

Force Multiplier #5 Irresistible Offers, Differentiation & Process

The Found Money Solution© & Tutorial (a $397 value)
An innovative and proprietary program (the only one of it's kind!) that helps you solve your clients cash liquidity concerns. It uncovers and frees up cash without borrowing, doing life settlements, liquidating a priceless family heirloom, or taking out a 2nd mortgage. 

The SOLI Solution© & Tutorial (a $1997 value)
A proprietary method of design to produce dramatically better than off the shelf product performance, with strategies to address affluent prospects biggest tax concerns. This program created $20 Million in new target life premium in 2021.

Some of the unique SOLI Solution© modules include: 
• Optimized Death Benefit Design
• Employer Sponsored Tax Free Retirement
• IRA Tax Conversion
• Annuity Conversion
• Tax Financing
• Collateral Assignment Free - "Micro-Premium Finance"

The Amped Solution© & Tutorial  (a $1997 value)
•What if it was possible to earn predictable double digit, tax-free returns, without market exposure?
•Create new high ticket case opportunities with nearly every prospect
•Win new clients without having to find the money
•Experience prospects asking for the maximum coverage allowed by the carrier
•Uncover new opportunities with your existing client base

The Qualified Distribution Solution© & Tutorial (a $1997 value)
The little-known strategy (that only business owners can take advantage of) to protect their wealth. We will show you how to protect your best client’s assets from higher taxes, market volatility, and desperate revenue strapped governments and turn qualified savings into Untaxable Wealth & Income.

Deliver irresistible offers to your new prospects using our proprietary Opportunity Engineering© solution development process that taps into the full suite of advanced market tax strategies and solutions your prospects need and want.

•The Untaxable Gain©: A little-known method that can defer capital gains from highly appreciated assets like real-estate, business's, Bitcoin, artwork, until death where it can be paid for pennies on the dollar using the leverage of life insurance.  
•The Untaxable IRA©: A little known strategy to offset all or part of the tax liability on an IRA. 
•The Untaxable 401(k)©
•The Untaxable Pension©
•The Untaxable Retirement©
•The Untaxable Estate©
•The Untaxable Arbitrage©

The Transformational 6 Step Process To Help Your Prospects Experience The Power Of Becoming Untaxable©

NEW MEMBER BONUS PACKAGE - (a $29,718.75 value)
(12+ Month  Membership Agreement & Minimum Paid Production Requirements)

The Webinar Prospecting Funnel - (a $1997.00 value) This ready to use landing page, is designed for you to give away a free "borrowed bestseller" Book & DVD package offer to prospects that schedule an appointment. 

•25 Copies of The Power of Zero: The Tax Train Is Coming DVD’s (retail value $748.75)
•25 Copies of the best-selling The Power of Zero hard cover books (retail value $500.00)

Authority Building Public Relations Campaign & Online Reputation Builder - (retail value $5997.00)  
•3 Professionally Written and Nationally Syndicated Press Releases
•Quantum Authority© Digital Reputation, Footprint Audit and Digital Property Development. 

Mindset & Sales Practices Of Top Producers - Coming Soon
•67 Success Principles for Life Insurance Agents© Training(a $1997.00 value) 
•The Ultimate CPA Joint Venture Formula© Training (a $1997 value)  
•Selling Secrets Of The Worlds Greatest Life Insurance Agent© (a $1997 value) 

Authority & Content Bonus Package -
•Your Own 6 - Episode Podcast (a $5997 value)
•Consumer Digital Information Product (a $5997 value)
•Your Own Feature Episode of Finance Leaders TV© (a $2497 value)

Cracking The Code Virtual Summit Library - (a $1491.00 value)
•Cracking The Prospecting Code© Virtual Summit Recordings
•Cracking The IUL Code II© Virtual Summit Recordings
•Cracking The LTC Code© Virtual Summit Recordings

Total Value Of 12 Month Membership = $155,040

Total Value Of New Member Bonus Package = $29,718.75

Total Value = $184,758.75

Get All Of This FREE** 

**Contact your marketing specialist for details. Conditions & Restrictions may apply. Carrier contracting Required.  Offer limited to new Quantum Marketing System LLC producing independent agents only.  Offer and Bonus's subject to change at any time.

 Better Than 100% Risk-Free 
Marketing Guarantee 

Experience Transformational ROI from your membership, Guaranteed.
Terms & Conditions apply. Ask your representative for details.   
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For Licensed Independent Life Insurance Agents Only! 
Disclaimer: The results you experience from the use of any marketing program will depend on many factors, most importantly your coachability, flexibility, prior knowledge, sales skills, focus, persistence, determination, consistent effort and ability to faithfully apply the principles taught.  By modeling the proven framework, systems and sales processes, proprietary solutions, joint case work taught in the system and applying your unique talents, your probability of success increases.  No income claims are made, our commitment is to generate $1M+ of potential opportunities in your first 12 months.

*Prospect details have been altered to protect the identity of the individual consumers.
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